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London Town premiere details

The BFI London Film Festival has announced the filmmakers and actors scheduled to appear for various premieres. From “London Town”, director Derrick Borte and actors Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dougray Scott, Daniel Huttlestone, Natascha McElhone, Nell Williams, and Anya McKenna-Bruce are listed. Derrick Borte also confirmed the news on Twitter that there will be a red carpet premiere of the film with the cast in attendance. You can still purchase tickets to various screenings online.

The film will be screening at the upcoming Virginia Film Festival on November 5 with Derrick Borte in person for a discussion. Tickets are on sale now.

“London Town” is opening in select theatres in New York and Los Angeles on October 7. For tickets, check out Laemmle in Los Angeles and IFC Center in NYC. Derrick Borte is also scheduled to be at the Friday night IFC screening. “London Town” will also be available on demand and on iTunes starting October 7.

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